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New service - delivery management for business

The company is announcing about the launch of a new digital service for more effective work and enhancement of clients’ loyalty. Delivery Management Online Service is a widget which is installed on the CSE site.

It helps the consignee to operate the process of freight delivery on his/her own by fixing the date, the address and the delivery time. The infrastructure becomes accessible after authorisation. To enter into the system You should specify a waybill number or a number of the Internet shop order and to enter a mobile telephone number in a special section of the site.

«This service gives an opportunity to our clients to manage delivery of the orders operatively. It only takes a couple of minutes an authorised user to make all necessary changes: to readdress, to change a date and time of delivery or to cancel delivery. Before the procedure required participation of a Client Manager, now this matter can be solved without a profile specialist. It simplifies interaction essentially which has favorable influence on the process of delivery», - as comments Ekaterina Kupaeva, CSE IT-Project Manager.

«Implementation of this technology will also allow us to optimise own resources. We predict reduction of the number of calls to the client support service which will allow us to reorient our employees for solution of the problems which are not less significant », - adds Dmitry Borovlyov, Head of CSE Sales Department.

Application of a new widget is aimed not only to raise overall performance in general but also to make client servicing more comfortable. 

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