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Transportation of consolidated freight

Characteristics of provided service

Flexible tariffs

Flexible tariffs

Delivery terminals in 64 cities of the Russian Federation and delivery to the cities of regional significance

Delivery terminals in 64 cities of the Russian Federation and delivery to the cities of regional significance 

Optimum terms of delivery

Optimum terms of delivery

Additional services

Freight tracking

Possibility of freight tracking at all stages of transportation on the site of the company (chats, messengers, My Office)

Freight packing

Additional packing of your freight for maximum safety in the course of transportation

Delivery on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

Freight delivery is possible at weekends and on holidays

Large-size freight delivery

Large-size freight transportation: industrial equipment weighing less than 20 tons, medical, agricultural and other large-sized technics

Notification of clients

Notification of clients about movement and arrival of freight (sms, e-mail informing)


Delivery of freight from door to door


Flexible approach to service tariffing

Sending and return of accompanying documents

Courier Service Express delivers documents together with freight and organises return of signed copies back to the consignor

Depending on the client’s requests and a kind of freight, Courier Service Express offers a number of special services

  • Handling – this service is provided at the moment of pick up and delivery of parcels. Specialists of the company load and unload freight of various structure and dimensions.
  • Insurance. The company focuses on safe transportation of freight ensuring its reliable insurance protection.


The company also offers the following options:

  • Return of accompanying documents. The company arranges return of freight documents certified by the consignee’s signature and seal proving the receipt.
  • Waiting at the address: waiting not more than 15 minutes – free of charge, waiting more than 15 minutes – is additionally paid.
  • Freight storage and warehouse processing.

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