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Delivery with cash on delivery

Delivery of parcels to the end user with reception of payment and further transfer of money funds to the client on a regular basis. CSE guarantees fast, safe and favourable delivery of freight with cash on delivery.


Option to insure any enclosure whose cost is not more than 3 million Rubles against loss or damage. This service is provided together with Ingosstrakh Company.

Declared value

Delivery with declared value is performed with observance of some conditions, please obtain more detailed information at: +7(495) 748-7-748.

Delivery of parcels with "return"

When parcels are delivered, some parcels may be "returned" to the consignor’s address. "Return" means any shipment to the consignor.


This service is provided together with picking up and delivery service when any heavy freight is transported and assistance of loaders is needed. Please learn more about tariffing of this service at: +7(495) 748-7-748.

Delivery notification

Option to receive a notification about parcel delivery by e-mail or in the form of a copy of a waybill signed by the consignee.

Delivery outside business hours

Reception and delivery of parcels at the end of the business day as well as on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Delivery "To Named Recipient Only"

Delivery of parcels «To Named Recipient Only» is only performed upon a presentation of an identity card by a consignee. Please learn more about this service and its cost at: +7(495) 748-7-748.

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