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Goals and missions of the service

Processing of incoming/outgoing parcels

Reception, registration, sorting

Registration of dispatches

Picking up and registration of dispatches, all parcels will be delivered to consignees just in time

Optimisation of postal costs

Substantial reduction of courier delivery costs

Monitoring of parcels

Control of a parcel delivery status at all stages

Consolidation of deliveries

Consolidation of parcels in one delivery

Delivery of incoming parcels to the client’s employees within an office

Personalised delivery of correspondence to employees

Control and on-time provision with consumables

Full control of internal office logistics

Delivery of internal correspondence

Delivery of internal correspondence among employees of the company

Advantages of the service

  • "Reduction of the distance" with a supplier
  • Minimisation of the work load on the reception desk
  • To ensure transparency of the process of internal movements of the correspondence
  • Delivery to addressees with confirmation by their signatures
  • Work optimisation “from inside”
  • Introduction of a reporting system
  • "Online" tracking of location of the parcels
  • Option to track the real time of delivery

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