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Delivery in the City and in the Region


Wide geography

160 branch offices, 23 000 localities

24/7 service

Round-the-clock contact-centre, delivery on holidays and week-ends

Flexible tariffs

To choose an optimum tariff, individual offers, promos

Convenient My Office

Simple order management and formation of accounting documents in My Office

Own car fleet

More than 250 cars of various load capacity

Fast delivery to destination

Delivery to a door or to self pickup points, including parcel terminals


More than 20 years of successful work in the courier delivery market

Convenient API integration

Simple API integration, ready modules and widgets for the site

Service Description

There are three modes of parcel delivery. Clients of Courier Service Express may use EXTRA URGENT, URGENT and 24 HOURS express delivery in the city and in the region.

If you send 10 parcels, the STANDARD mode of delivery will be used.

Extra urgent delivery is performed within 2-4 hours from the moment of order placement. The weight of parcels should not exceed 10 kg. The parcels are delivered within administrative borders of the city (Moscow - within MKAD, St.-Petersburg - within KAD). All parcels should not contain any freight forbidden for transportation.

Urgent express delivery – if an order is placed before 12:00, the delivery in the given mode will be made not later than 18:00 on the day when the parcel is received. The weight of parcels should not exceed 10 kg.

24 hours delivery is a cost effective and moderate courier delivery mode for small parcels whose weight is not less than 0.5 kg and for the freight whose weight is more than 100 kg. If any heavy or large-sized freight is sent (the weight of at least one collum is more than 80 kg), the delivery term may be extended by 1 day.

You may calculate the cost and the delivery period using a CALCULATOR.

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