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Customs Carrier Services

Since 2014 Courier Service Express has been a licensed all-Russian customs carrier. We are ready to transport the goods which are under the customs control, without any customs support and payment of customs payments on all the territory of the country.


Who is a customs carrier? What can one need it for?

Any company which has received a GKT RF licence entitling to carry out customs transportations can be engaged in such activity. A customs carrier is involved when it is necessary to deliver uncleared freight to the territory of the country.


This service includes:

  • Provision with transport in the mode of customs transportation (IRCT *) from Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo, Domodedovo airports to the customs WTS ** of the client
  • Formalisation of IRCT of the client on the day of arrival of freight within optimum periods
  • Organisation of freight delivery including the freight requiring a special temperature mode in the course of IRCT from regions to the export air hub of Moscow airports
  • Moving of freight under the customs mode from WTS to WTS
  • Provision of certificated cars for IRCT to the client’s WTS on a regular basis

*IRCT - In-Russian customs transit

** WTS - a client’s warehouse of temporary storage

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