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Every day Courier Service Express delivers various parcels within all Russia. It can be correspondence, mail, parcels, orders from Internet shops, small, large, hazardous freight as well as the freight requiring a special temperature mode.

Parcels are delivered by couriers to 34 000 localities, including to the most remote places of the country. Both individuals and representatives of b2b and b2c sector trust to the service of the company. When clients address to CSE courier service, they may be sure that their letters and freight will be delivered within a minimum period of time both from Moscow, St.-Petersburg (large cities may be inserted) and between regions.

Delivery periods within Russia may vary from one business day to several business days and may depend on the chosen tariff and remoteness of destination.

There are several modes of parcel deliveries: EXTRA URGENT, URGENT AND ECONOM.

Apart from express delivery, CSE offers a full range of services including post dispatch, delivery of orders from Internet shops, mailroom arrangement, warehouse logistics, insurance of transported freight.


Wide geography of delivery

Option to deliver "from door to door" across all Russia

Optimum ratio of cost and delivery periods

Option to choose an optimum tariff and service

Support services

Online tracking, sms and e-mail informing, My Office

Delivery of parcels at convenient time

Delivery of parcels is possible outside normal business hours and on holidays

Call-centre services

Call-centre of the company works 24/7

Personal manager

Consultations of the personal manager on any matters

Special status of valuable parcels

Parcels with declared value (a part of or full cost is compensated in case of damage, loss, etc)

Reliable package

Wide range of additional packing materials up to Your choice

Service Description

Clients of the company are offered to choose three variants of delivery within Russia. Depending the client’s tasks and requirements, the client may choose EXTRA URGENT, URGENT and ECONOM delivery.


Extra urgent is performed on the next business day and by specific time. Parcels whose weight is not less than 0.5 kg are accepted.

It is the speed which allows to execute Your plans

You may calculate the cost and the delivery period using a CALCULATOR


Urgent delivery is performed within one business day depending on remoteness of destination from Moscow.

Optimum price-speed ratio

Parcels whose weight is not less than 0.5 kg are accepted for delivery. 1.3 multiplying factor applies if any oversized and heavy freight is delivered.

You may calculate the cost and the delivery period using a CALCULATOR


Econom is a practical way of non urgent delivery. This mode is ideal to send any heavy freight. The minimum weight of the parcel is 20 kg.

Cost efficiency with observance of optimum periods

You may calculate the cost and the delivery period using a CALCULATOR

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