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Temperature Parcels

Courier Service Express transports, consolidates, packs and stores biological materials, pharmaceutical preparations, consumables and other freight requiring observance of a temperature mode in the course of delivery.

The company renders the following services:

  • export and import of pharmaceutical preparations with preparation of customs and other necessary documents;
  • safe storage of biological materials, pharmaceutical preparations and other freight;
  • complete set assembling of freight;
  • delivery from Moscow to regions, from regions to Moscow, from regions to regions;
  • preparation for destruction.

Our technologies


Application of modern warehouse equipment raises the speed of freight processing, accuracy of logistics operations and guarantees strict maintenance of temperature modes. We perform validation of thermoboxes and check the gauges in ROSTEST.


Technological solutions allow us to control:

  • real-time freight movements;
  • temperature at all stages of transportation;
  • temperature in the warehouse and during warehouse processing.

We give each client a report about the freight placed in the warehouse.



All process of transportation and storage is performed by the same company. No intermediaries!


Separate warehouse for medical and temperature freight licensed by the Federal Service of Supervision in Public Healthcare. In its activity, KSE is governed by SOP internal procedures («Standard Operational Procedures»)


Coverage of all regions, including Kaliningrad Region, FD Crimea, Sevastopol and countries of the CU and the CIS. Reliable partners abroad


Competent staff with work experience in high tech industries

Customer-oriented approach

Delivery by specific time, at the weekend and on holidays


Optimum price-quality ratio


Option of freight tracking and control of observance of the temperature mode throughout the entire route

Reliable package

Any kind of transport package for any types of freight

Equipment for transportation and storage

+15... +25 Premises with climate control
Termo-Kont МК and Termo-VF
Termo-Kont МК Thermoelements
Testo Temperature sensitive elements
Cars with refrigerators
+2... +8 Refrigerators
-20 «RIVACOLD», «Frostor», «Sanyo»
Termo-Kont МК and Termo-VF
Termo-Kont МК Thermoelements
Testo Temperature sensitive elements
Cars with refrigerators
- 78 78 Termo-Kont МК and Termo-VF
Carbon dioxide СО2 (carbon dioxide snow)
- 196 Dewar vessels
Liquid nitrogen


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For the additional information, please apply to the Courier Service Express office in Your city or write at info@cse.ru 

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