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Warehouse Logistics Services

Warehouse logistics

Work experience with clients from the different industries allows us to solve problems of warehouse logistics with clients in the most effective way.

Complex logistics service rendered by our company includes the following services:

  • Development of logistics schemes individually for each client;
  • Delivery of the goods «from door to door»;
  • Overload and processing of the goods (packing, marking, formation of complete sets, etc.).;
  • Preparation of accompanying documentation;
  • Cell-based storage of goods;
  • Order picking from cell-based storage facilities.


At our warehouses which meet international storage quality standards the freight undergoes a full cycle of warehouse operations:

  • Warehousing;
  • Complete set assembling: sorting, packing and preparation for shipment;
  • Free storage of freight within 7 calendar days (at the moment of making up of a delivery order);
  • Complete set assembling of orders from polygraph products as well as spare parts of the medical and electronic equipment, office equipment;
  • Enclosure of the client’s advertising materials.


Information and consulting services

  • Delivery of information on a status of the order and freight location in real time mode

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