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Delivery With Cash On Delivery

Delivery with Cash on Delivery

Cash on Delivery is a sum of money which is collected from the consignee of the parcel and is sent to the consignor.

When parcels are sent through Courier Service Express, the money funds received by the courier from the consignee are transferred to the bank account specified at the moment of formation of the waybill on the goods.


Who needs delivery with cash on delivery?

  • Sending parcels and freight within Moscow with cash on delivery may be claimed by market places and online shops which want to let their clients pay for to the goods at the moment of parcel reception. The courier delivering the parcel asks the consignee to prove the reception and to pay the corresponding sum in accordance with the check which is transferred to the settlement account of the consignor. It is important to note that the periods of transfer fixed by the courier company only concern the actions undertaken by it and do not take into consideration the time necessary e.g. for settlement of the transfer by the bank.
  • To arrange any courier delivery to several consignees, a consignor - legal entity shall provide a database of addresses of consignees in order that Courier Service Express specialists could get in touch with each consignee, to specify the address and the time of freight delivery.
  • Delivery with cash on delivery is an additional service, therefore there are some expenses which are connected with it. Cost of delivery with cash on delivery is represented by a specific percent from the adopted sum (without VAT) for the goods with payment in cash or by a bank card.

Advantages of express delivery with cash on delivery

Safety of transportation

Before shipment, each parcel is checked regarding conformity of the enclosure with the inventory list, then it is placed into a reliable container and marked by a bar code

Money transfer operability

The money received from the consignee are transferred to the settlement account of the client on a regular basis with provision of all financial reports, checks and other documentation in the electronic form

Timeliness of delivery

All parcels are delivered to destination with observance of time norms

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