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Fulfillment for Internet shop

  • Collection of orders
  • Careful check
  • Safe cell-based storage, including storage with a temperature mode
  • Complete set assembling and reliable packing of the goods, even fragile ones
  • Enclosure of advertising products
  • Return handling
  • Client support
  • Work according to Your standards
  • Work with claims of consignees
  • Tracking and option to readdress an order
  • Collection of returns from clients
  • Service zone includes 23 000 localities
  • Payment upon reception in 13 500 localities of Russia

How we deliver Internet shop orders:

1. A courier contacts the consignee one hour before the time of delivery. The period of time when a courier is waiting for the consignee at the delivery address free of charge - 10 minutes.

2. The courier shall give the consignee a waybill, a sales slip and a cash-desk check.

3. The Internet shop employee can track delivery on API and in My Office on the site.

4. If the parcel is rejected, the consignee may return the order to the courier at once. All returns are consolidated in KSE warehouse and transferred to the Internet shop according to the agreed schedule.

5. Money funds are transferred to the Internet shop once 7/15/31 days (to choose proper).

How we work


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